Luigi ZolinLuigi Zolin foods

Luigi Zolin opens in Sandrigo in 1972 his first clothing store. This will be followed in the 80 high-fashion dressmaking.

In 2002 he opened a shop of Objects for the home and of flowers, floral schenografie performing in an innovative way for parties, weddings, dinners and special events.
In September 2010 he opened his third store of food quality, in Via Roma 14. The space is housed in a former hardware store, in a building of end '700.

Giuseppina Zolin

With her sister Giuseppina, self-taught chef, decided to include a kitchen with the intention of producing high quality food. In the dining room dedicated to the seats are 25.

All raw materials used in the kitchen are on sale in the shop. A large area was reserved for biologically grown products such as flour used to make bread and pasta fresh hand-made using traditional methods.

Many products are also Slow Food.

The cuisine served is simply looking at the Venetian tradition.